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About Me

Eric was born in a barn. At least that is what his mother has told him all his life. He still isn’t certain where exactly the barn was in San Jose and spends some of his free time trying to locate it. He spent his formative years in a small suburb outside of Sacramento before heading to the east bay area where he spent 3 and a half years at St. Mary’s College of California (or Our Lady of the Perpetually Rising Tuition) where he received a BS in Economics, a field that many feel is just that, BS.


His poker career began with a small 7 card stud game at a family function at an early age. During his first session, he hit his first Royal and it’s been all down hill ever since. Like many, he’s interest in poker was reignited with the broadcast of the first few episodes of the WPT on the Travel Channel and then enflamed while watching ESPN’s coverage of Chris Moneymaker’s win in the WSOP main event.  Eric tends to be a bit of a polymorph when it comes to poker. While he typically plays Hold Em SnG’s, he prefers to play a variety of other games, with his favorites being Stud 8, PLO8 and Razz.


Outside of poker, he is an extremely accomplished photographer (which is why you don’t see too many pictures of him, he’s usually behind the camera) and one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet (just ask him, he’ll tell you). He has a deep love for the game of baseball and you can usually guess where he is on a given night by checking the sports section to see if the A’s or the Rivercats are in town.