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Vegas Vacation – Part 2

By on Jul 1, 2011 in Baseball, Featured, Poker, Team Moshman | 0 comments

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Golfing with Team Moshman


When we last left our intrepid hero, he was getting ready for an o’dark thirty tee time with a few Team Moshman people.


Wednesday was the long day.  Started at 5:30am so we could make it to Angel Park Golf course with enough time to hit a few balls on the range and be ready for our 6:50am tee time.  Now in the weeks leading up to the trip I spent hours on Skype with HotJenny314 talking about golf and how excited she was.  I later found out why.  She had NEVER played a full round before.


This was going to be fun.


Knocking the ball around at Angel Park


So the two of us, along with Simon and Louis headed over and teed off just before 7am.  As we were leaving the first tee, the group behind us had a player smoking a cigar.  Being the huge fan of smokey treats that I am, I ask what he was partaking.  Turns out it was a cigar from a local shop (the Las Vegas Cigar Company) and the owner was playing in the foursome.  He graciously offered me a cigar, which I light and smoked while playing the front 9.  It was an excellent cigar, and with the shop being located near the airport, I know where my first stop will be next time I’m in town.



Angel Park Golf Course


Before I got out there Katie and I had talked and figured that a good plan would be for her to get an inexpensive starter set of clubs.  The thinking was that with club rental at one of the local courses it would only take a couple of rounds to “make up” the cost.  Even if it turns out that she didn’t like the game and playing she’d easily be able to sell them and not be out much.  The key thing was that she wanted them to be pink.  We did a little research and found her a pretty decent set for a reasonable price…and it was pink.



The biggest thing for me when playing is to make sure I’m having fun and enjoying the group I’m playing with.  I couldn’t have asked for a better three people to play with.  I do think Katie was a bit surprised when the cart lady came by and we got two Newcastles at 8:30am.  A good beer, a good cigar, good friends and great scenery…everything I love about golf.



The nice thing, as bad as we are at the game (I tend to score in the 120’s when I’m not counting all my shots and penalties) it wasn’t us that the marshal was frustrated with.  Turns out the group of three in front of us was taking their sweet time.



A Baseball Adventure at Cashman Field


Later that night I got to indulge in my other favorite pastime, taking in a baseball game.  Collin, Katie, Simon and I made our way downtown to Cashman Field to see the Las Vegas 51’s play.  As I later found out, being from Sacramento has spoiled me to the pleasures of AAA baseball.  Raley Field is absolutely gorgeous.   I mean there’s a reason USA Today recently named it one of the 10 great places for a baseball pilgrimage.  Cashman Field in Las Vegas…not so much.  When you think minor league ball, Cashman Field is more what you think of as far as the setting.  It reminded me more of the single A stadium in Lynchburg, VA than Raley Field.


Cashman Field


And I say all this to simply point out that it was still an enjoyable experience and if I lived in Vegas I’d certainly be games there too.  If I could get past the fact that they hired Jar Jar Binks to be the mascot.



Collin and I almost immediately headed out in search of the local cuisine.  Again, coming from Sacramento where you can find everything from salmon tacos to chef salad’s, I was a little disappointed.  Cashman Field has some good selections, but everything seems to fit into the “hot dog, burger or nacho” categories.  The exception was the Philly Cheesesteaks.  Collin and I tried the Fat Tuesday, which was a sausage smothered in cheese sauce, onions and bacon.  The fact that they had Longboard Lager on tap was also a pleasant surprise.  A good “on tap” beer selection is really the one thing that Raley Field is missing.



The game was certainly enjoyable, with plenty of offense to keep someone with no rooting interest entertained, but the highlight of the evening came when a couple of 51’s fans in the front row started discussing the standings.  At the time, the Rivercats had a 5 game lead on the 51’s (which has since been increased to 7.5 games as of this morning).  With the 51’s cruising to a pretty secure win, the people in front of us were talking to their friend and asking how Sacramento was doing.  They were in Salt Lake and had already won by the time the game we were at had hit the late innings.  That was when I overheard something that every sports fan hopes to hear about his favorite team, “There’s Sacramento and then there’s 15 other teams in this league.”  I tweeted that ASAP and it was picked up and retweeted by the Rivercats almost immediately.


After the game we headed over to the Rio (for my first visit during the WSOP) and I was blown away.  To see THAT many tables all in one giant room is astounding.  The sound of that many chips being riffled is the ultimate in poker white noise.  We were there so that Katie and Collin could switch from playing the next days tourney to the one on Saturday.  After they concluded their business Collin sat down to play a satellite while Katie, Simon and I set off to find a milkshake.  As we were headed out Collin mention that one of the old Stox/current CardRunners coaches was in the room, so we made our way over to the high stakes area where Eric “Chipsahoya” Rodawig was playing in a Stud8 game.  It was a pleasure to finally meet a man whose game I respect and whose videos I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from.  Clearly meeting me was pretty huge for him too as it clearly helped him later that week in the 10k Stud8 event.


To be concluded in part 3 with a guest appearances by The Iceman and the crew from Quad Jacks and I finally get around to playing some pokerz.




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