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Making $180 an Hour or Why I’m Going To Win a Kindle and You’re Not.

By on Oct 18, 2012 in Featured, Playing with Photoshop, Poker | 0 comments

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The one thing someone can say to drive me nuts, when they find out I play poker, is “So you like to gamble?”


It’s less that “I like to gamble” and more “I love finding situations with positive expected value (EV)”.


And this is one heck of a plus EV situation.


So a friend of mine, Megan Squires, recently released a book that she has written called Traced: Part One of The Outlier Chronicles.  I’m only a couple of chapters into it and, so far, it’s kind of a cross between 1984 and Twilight, except without the demeaning attitude towards women that Stephanie Meyers infuses into her writing.  And lame vampires. No lame, sparkly vampires in Traced either.


Traced: Part One of The Outlier Chronicles.

Traced: Part One of The Outlier Chronicles.

I should take this opportunity to let everyone know there’s a bit of exaggeration in my “picture review”. I have no idea if it’s true. I assume it to be true, but can’t prove it since I didn’t read the entire Twilight Saga.  Anyway, I digress.


One of the things that Megan is doing to help spread the word about her book and get some followers on Facebook, is holding a raffle for a Kindle.


At the moment, the expected value (EV) on this raffle is incredible.  Each person can earn up to 6 entries for doing a couple of simple things that won’t take very long to complete (become a fan, leave a comment on her blog, and tweet about the giveaway).


The raffle ends on this Saturday (October 20th) and there are currently 70 entries.  This means 10.67 people have entered.  I kind of wish is had been 10.5 people instead. Obviously there would have been one less entry and, as an added benefit, I’d get to crack a bad Nirvana joke.
I have 6 of those 70 entries, so currently I have an 8.57% chance of winning the Kindle. With a retail price of $69.99, my EV at the moment for entering the raffle is almost $6.00 ($5.999). When you consider that the time it took to enter MIGHT have been 2 minutes from start to finish that gives me an hourly rate of $180.


That ain’t bad at all. 😀


So whatever you do, don’t head over to her page and enter the raffle. The more of you that enter, the more it’s going to kill my EV.



This also got me to thinking that I seem to know a lot of authors.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention a book that came out last year and that I had a small part in helping with.  My friend’s Katie Dozier and Collin Moshman released an action suspense thriller inspired by the Ultimate Bet super user scandal, called The Superuser.

I did a little bit of work on the cover after chatting with Katie on Skype one night.  I’m pretty sure it was my entry into the cover contest for Collin’s book The Math of Hold’em that got me the gig. It was mostly her concept; I just did a little light Photoshop work.

If you’re into the Dan Brown/James Patterson style action/mystery novels, I’d recommend checking it out. It’s a good read.

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