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My pitch for making the first pitch for the Oakland A’s

By on Jan 22, 2018 in Baseball, Featured | 0 comments

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A year ago, my life was a whole hell of a lot different.


A year ago today, some guy from the Cleveland area asked the Indians how many retweets he needed to get to be able to throw out a first pitch. It was coming on the heels of the whole “Wendy’s chicken nuggets” retweet thing. They told him 100 million.

As a joke, I asked the Athletics how many I needed to get in order to be able to throw out a first pitch. I never got a response.

That was one of the last things I tweeted before getting sick. It was about a year ago that I started the 2 week slide that led to me being admitted to the hospital and finding out I had stage 4 colon cancer.

There’s been a lot of crap I’ve had to go through in the last 52 weeks.

This year has had it’s share of trials and tribulations.

But there’s also been a lot of good. I got to:

More importantly, it’s been the little things. People sending cards, reaching out on social media, the unexpected phone calls. You learn quickly just how much of an impact your life has had on those around you.

How I came to finally realize that sucks. That I came to realize that is priceless.

The only thing I wish I could change would be the passing of my uncle and my cat. Everything else has been a crucial part of my journey.


So, that brings us to today.


I saw the tweet to the A’s I made a year ago this morning on Timehop and figured, “What the heck.”

They responded…


10 thousand retweets and I could make the first pitch.


They were incredibly gracious to make it an attainable number.


Here’s the tweet that needs to be retweeted


Bringing nerdy back

I’ve been having fun watching the spread of the tweet. There was a big boost when Susan Slusser retweeted it.  If she wasn’t married I’d propose on the spot.

But, I haven’t really done much to promote it and we’re already at almost 18% of the goal, as I type this post.

Seeing it spread to the different baseball communities, as well as some of the other communities I’m a part of on twitter, has been a blast.


I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


If it ends with my standing on the mound where Catfish, Vida Blue, Dave Stewart, Bob Welch, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, Barry Zito stood, in the Oakland Athletics’ stadium, that would be incredible and thirteen year old me would be freaking out.

And if it tops out at six thousand, nine hundred and sixty-nine retweets, I can’t even be mad.

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