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I have to vent

By on Jun 28, 2011 in Baseball, Featured | 0 comments

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Part 2 of the Vegas Vacation recap is in the works but I have to vent so it’s taking a back burner for a day or two.


First, I was supposed to be at a baseball game tonight.  That didn’t happen when a storm decided to roll through and they cancelled the game 3 hours before first pitch.  It’s freaking June for crying outloud.  This is March weather.  I had finally gotten the top off my jeep on Saturday and had to put it back on almost 48 hours later.  Combine this sudden summer showers with the fact that we’re supposed to have triple digit weather this weekend and suddenly all the nutjob envioronmental wackos are starting to sound incredibly sane.


But surprisingly enough, that’s not what set me off.  With the game cancelled, I rolled over to my folks place for some beer can chicken and to steal their internet, since mine has been wonky and AT&T is being dumb.  After we ate my folks decide to make a run up to Costco.  About 10 minutes after they leave I get a phone call.


Dad: Can you grab your mother’s spare keys and meet us at the McDonald’s down the street?


Me: Did you lock yourself out of the car?


Dad: Yes.


Me: Be right there.


I went into the house grabbed Mom’s spare keys, saw his spare keys and grabbed them too, jumped in my Jeep and headed off.  I pulled into the parking lot to see them sitting in the car.


Ok.  He told me they were locked out.


I pulled up next to the car and rolled down my window.


Dad: I’m gonna wait for AAA to bring the gas and you can take your mother home.


Had that been what he wanted to have happen been clearly communicated to me I wouldn’t have taken my jeep.  My mother isn’t the most agile of people and watching her try and climb into my lifted jeep is akin to a comedy of errors.  Fortunately there was a planter box type thing next to the door and she was able to get in with minimal fuss.


On the way home we discussed my father’s obsession with playing chicken with the gas gauge.


I think I need to have him read that section on Playing Chicken from Collin’s new book The Math of Hold’em.






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