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Evolution of a Photoshop – Space Jam Edition

By on Nov 26, 2013 in Featured, Playing with Photoshop | 0 comments

Last week I was browsing Twitter (as I often do) when someone tweeted about their love of Space Jam and how no movie collection was complete with out it. She then mentioned that she didn’t own it and that it was no wonder why she was single.   For me the best part about Space Jam was that it lead the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective to compile this box score from the final game. But I’m weird like that.   Now, I thought to my self, “Self (cause that’s what I call my self), she’s looking at this all wrong. It’s like Cinderella. She needs to find that person that already HAS Space Jam.”   Which lead me to look for images from Cinderella of the prince putting on the glass slipper so that I could Photoshop Space Jam over the slipper. I didn’t find any that I was happy with, but it did lead me to finding another image which, in turn, lead to...

Basic Statistics, or What Are The Odds I’m Getting Super Powers.

By on Nov 21, 2013 in Featured, Poker | 0 comments

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook: You know in movies, when they wash a spider down the drain and it crawls out from that little overflow hole at the top of the tub? That just happened while the girls were in the bath. Only in real life, it didn’t kill anyone or give them super powers.   She later admitted, in response to disappointment that she had flushed the spider: Next time I’ll give it a shot at a bite and we’ll find out if I live in a horror movie or a superhero movie. (Or the harrowing tale of two children being taken from their insane mother, who allowed spiders to bite them in hopes of super powers for them.)   and Super powers are more likely than poison anyway, right?   It was at this point I felt compelled to chime in. Being someone with a “mild superpower” I am uniquely qualified to answer this question. It’s 50/50. Either it...